Barbara's Bookstores

Chicago's O'Hare Airport hosts five Barbara's Bookstores (co-owned with Hudson Group) throughout the airport. The first stores are expected to open in February 2008. Barbara Bookstores, through a joint venture including Mayuba Bookstores, Inc. (dba Barbara's Bookstore), Airport Management Services, LLC (dba Hudson Group), Hartman Group Publishing Ltd, and Blue Daring Consulting, Inc., won a lease at O'Hare that will last seven years.

Barbara's Bookstores was named by the Chicago Tribune as "One of the 100 Best Things About the City." The bookstore has been operating its warm and inviting neighborhood bookstore concept throughout Chicago since 1963. The five new custom-designed Barbara's Bookstores at O'Hare join other Barbara's Bookstore locations at Sears Tower, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Macy's department store, Oak Park and the University of Illinois at Chicago. Barbara's also operates travel retail stores in Boston's South Station and Philadelphia International Airport.

Barbara's Bookstores have a local flavor and the O'Hare stores will have exteriors featuring large photographs of famous Chicago authors, such as Carl Sandberg.

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