Connie's Pizza

Jim Stolfe exchanged his Oldsmobile Starfire for a small storefront pizzeria on 26th Street on Chicago's South Side in 1963. That Bridgeport storefront became the original home of Connie's Pizza. By the time Mr. Stolfe could afford to change the sign on the front of the store . . . it was too late, the legend and reputation of Connie's Pizza had already begun. Today that small storefront is just a fond memory that has paved the way for new award-winning restaurants and a retail presence that reaches beyond the Chicago market.

The Stolfe family is still hard at work creating new ways to combine ingredients and toppings and always strive for better ways to impress all guests. This dedication and drive has resulted in 40 years of perfecting everything from their unique dough to their famous-heated delivery trucks that bring piping-hot Connie's Pizza right to your door.

Location: Terminal One

Hours: Not available.