Cinnabon first opened in Seattle, Washington in 1985. This bakery began by serving only its original Cinnabon Classic. Since this time, Cinnabon has evolved into a franchised company. The first franchise opened in August 1986 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As of December 2007, over 650 other Cinnabon bakeries are in operation in over 30 countries across the world. Its signature item is a large cinnamon roll, hence the name. It is also known for selling custom-blended and flavored coffees.

Cinnabon drinks include: MochaLatta Chill, CarameLatta Chill, Chillatta, Lemonade, and Raspberry Lemonade. Cinnabon also offers pre-packed boxes of cinnamon rolls callend CinnaPacks with variations such as Caramel Pecanbons and Minibons.

Location: Terminals One, Two, Three

Hours: 5:15 am - 9:30 pm