O'Hare Airport Map

O'Hare Airport is located just northwest of Chicago, Illinois about a 15 minute drive from the Loop, Chicago's downtown. Though technically a part of the City of Chicago, the airport exists at a municipal crossroads and many communities border it, including Rosemont, Des Plaines, and Schiller Park. Rosemont is perhaps most closely associated with O'Hare since the small city has created itself almost as an airport city, with a large convention center, numerous hotels and the Allstate Arena, which hosts many concerts and events throughout the year. Rosemont even tried to build a "riverboat" casino, which would have been located in a moat--Rosemont has no river, but the venture sank when mob ties came to light.

O'Hare Regional Map

In the above Chicago ORD map, you can see the location of O'Hare Airport within its regional context. You may wish to zoom the map out to see more of the surrounding context. You can also drag your mouse within the O'Hare map above to change your position in the map.

Notice in the O'Hare Airport map above, that ORD lies at the intersection between Interstates 90 and 294. Interstate 90 will take you into downtown Chicago via a northwest route. Since the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, this is the fastest way to get to downtown Chicago. But if you take 294 south down to 290, you can then swing east from there straight to downtown Chicago. Depending on traffic, the shortest physical route may not necessarily be the fastest. Interstates 90 and 290 come together again and intersect just west of the downtown Chicago Loop.

If you go the opposite direction on Interstate 90 in the northwest direction, that takes you throw the Golden Corridor and into the Northwest Suburbs, which include the Chicago region's preeminent shopping destinations like Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, which is also home to the headquarters of Motorola. Before you get to Schaumburg, you'll pass through Arlington Heights, home to a large Japanese expatriate community and also home to the Arlington Park Racetrack, an internationally-famous venue for horse racing enthusiasts. This is just a short drive from Chicago O'Hare airport.

Continuing further northwest on Interstate 90 will take you to Elgin, Illinois, home of Elgin Watches and the Grand Victoria Casino, and then yet further, Rockford, Illinois--the state's third largest city. Elgin is about 20 minutes from O'Hare Airport and Rockford is about 80 minutes.